No medicine or diet can ever heal you.

No medicine or diet can ever heal you.

We human beings are masters of outsourcing responsibility. We do it with many things (such as our feelings), but especially when it comes to our health. We blame the genes for pretty much everything, and it’s pretty damn convenient. After all, we will not have to change anything or even question our lifestyle, as we would have gotten that type 2 diabetes anyways since it runs in the family. So we can continue downing 20 chicken nuggets and a liter of diet coke for lunch without a shadow of guilt.

The crazy thing is that the whole medical establishment reinforces this paradigm. Most of the medical research is devoted to finding genes that are responsible for this or that disease, and meanwhile the message given to patients is that “there is nothing you can do about this [insert any chronic disease], so you’re just gonna have to keep poppin’ these pills for the rest of your life.” For the most part, very little is said about how lifestyle choices might have contributed to the development of said disease, let alone what the person could do to take their health into their own hands.

They would almost have you believe that your body is your worst enemy, coming up with random ailments and illnesses without any external reason, like some sort of self-destructive alien spaceship where you are permanently stuck in and thus have to figure out how to keep it from exploding.

The whole paradigm keeps the patient powerless and at the mercy of factors out of their control, such as genes and whatever it is that the doctor prescribes, as well as how effective the medicine happens to be.

As Dr Michael Greger explains, many medical professionals admit that yes there is a whole lot you can do with lifestyle changes, but they believe it’s unrealistic to expect people to make such drastic changes. So their conclusion is… LET’S NOT EVEN TELL THEM! (I really recommend his speech “Uprooting the leading causes of death“).

This attitude is not only patronizing, but underestimates both the individual’s capabilities and intelligence. I believe that when people are bed ridden or faced with chronic debilitating illness, they are willing to move mountains if you give them the tools and the knowledge to do that. For many it does not even take that much.

Medicine vs fruit
Which one would you choose to consume on a daily basis?

Genes do have an impact, but they are simply indicators of genetic disposition, and for the most part do not become active until an external factor triggers them. Also, eating habits and other lifestyle choices are often inherited. As children, we eat what our parents eat, and we keep some if not all of those tendencies until later in life too. On top of that, many of us inherit our mother’s toxic lymphatic load already in the womb, which cripples our elimination channels right from the start. No wonder we get the exact same illnesses as our parents! The good news is that you don’t have to.

The real “medicine” to most all modern diseases is a lasting lifestyle change. A diet that does not accumulate toxic waste in the body, a diet that is alkaline forming by nature, eating habits that do not burden the body with constant intake and overeating, regular exercise, self-loving thoughts and actions, and a life that allows for self-actualization.

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At the end of the day, no medicine will ever heal you. All they do it suppress symptoms. Any symptom you have, be it headache, rash, pain, swelling, infection… is not the core issue that needs to be dealt with, although it can be helpful to alleviate the discomfort with medicine. There is always an underlying CAUSE which the medicine never addresses, and that’s why so many medicines need to be taken indefinitely. If you take a painkiller to a headache, the reason why you had the headache in the first place, is still there.

And I am even gonna go as far as to tell you that it’s not actually the healthy diet that is going to heal you, and the reason is this: only your body can heal itself. The good news is, your body is ALWAYS in the process of detoxing and repairing itself. The only thing that we need to do is to stop putting roadblocks on its way. A simple plant based diet with plenty of raw fruits and vegetables will take less energy to digest and does not accumulate toxins, and hence will allow your body to start healing instead of dealing with incoming crap. This is also why fasting works so well for so many people. It is simply a matter of allowing your body to do the work that it knows how to do best: self-preserve by repairing, healing and eliminating.

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