In this 3D reality it may seem like there are other people and governmental bodies who have power over you, and indeed, it’s a very convincing perception. If you are on a spiritual path, you have probably heard a million times that you are the creator of your reality. If this is true, it means that ultimately no one can ever control you or make you do ANYTHING, unless you allow them to.

It may be hard to comprehend but as long as you believe in the external authority, as long as you believe that someone else has power over you, you are manifesting that into being, and you will experience a reality where you are subject to external authority.

I’m about to tell you something that may be hard to swallow for some, because it requires a paradigm shift and goes against everything you thought you knew to be true.

If you deeply know your true identity and know yourself as a sovereign being, if you embody your true power and stand in integrity with your every cell, without doubt or trace of fear, NOTHING can have power over you. Anything or anyone can only ever have power over us because we GIVE them the power. We are giving our power first to our parents, then our teachers, then the government, the police, the medical establishment. 

Nothing and no one in this universe has any sort of inherent superiority that would grant them the right to rule over you. You are a sovereign being beyond the physical realm. Therefore the idea of an “external authority” is altogether false and imaginary. Authority can only be granted by consent, and therefore can be dismantled by the withdrawal of consent by any party. 

You are free to withdraw your consent in any moment. 

One of our key tasks as humanity is to remember our true “identity” as eternal beings who are a reflection of Source and the creators of reality. This implies infinite power. We simply need to depelop the capacity to hold and to utilzie that power instead of externalizing it.

This also means that we stop looking to the outside for someone else to save us, realizing that we are our own saviors and step into integrity with what we know is true and right. This requires that we get out of victimhood and start owning how we have been creating the conditions of our own lives and contributing to the creation of how the word looks like today.

As long as we hold even a pinch of doubt in our hearts about our own power, we will keep getting tested, pushed, dominated, until the moment that we say NO MORE. It is our time to mature into creatorhood and this is why we are facing so many challenges at a global level right now. It is the ultimate test for humanity. Yet it is not a punishment. We chose this, because we want to remember. We want to graduate into creatorhood.

How to remember and to own your true infinite power?

You need to deal with your fear. Not push it away, not avoid anything that brings up fear. You need to go in the direction of what you know is true, even if that brings up fear. Simply hold that fear, be present with it and transform it with your love and your presence. We all store fear within our very DNA that does not allow us to stand in our integrity when it collides with social pressure and what the “authorities” demand of us. The fears says, “They will ridicule you, They will exile you, They will punish you, They will kill you”.

Our own FEAR is the ONLY THING that controls us, because we allow it to.

It is essential that we learn to be with our fear with all our presence, because FEAR is the only place where anyone can have us and those in power know this. This is why fear is the main tool that they are using to make people obey. It is the fear of ridicule, the fear of exclusion, the fear of illness, the fear of violence, the fear of pain, the fear of imprisonment, the fear of death and so forth.

If someone can induce fear in you, they control your vibration and therefore they control your reality.

Take a moment to really take that in.

Your vibration is what determines what you are a match to in the external reality, which is why it is THE KEY that you learn to control your own vibration. Fear is a very low vibrational state to be in, and the more fear you hold, the lower the vibration of everything you attract into your reality.

If you can be with fear, you can dissolve it, and you are in charge of your own vibration and therefore your reality. If you can be with fear, your actions are not merely reactions, dictated by the outside world. You are able to move in the direction of what you want, to speak your truth and stand in integrity. You can live the life you desire because fear no longer controls you.

Your very power lies in your ability to be with fear. This means that you do not bow down, you do not give in, you do not waver, you do not close up, you do not shut up, you do not hide, you do not apologize, you do not look away, out of fear. You stay in your center embracing the fear that this brings up, until you have transmuted it through your very presence, which is the essence of love.

Throughout this process you begin to experience yourself as love. You begin to remember that your consciousness has the power to transmute anything that comes your way from darkness to light.

Fear is the absence of love, and love is presence. Therefore, to give presence to fear, is to dissolve it, as the presence of light dissolves darkness.

To re-own your power and to step out of the hell that you’ve allowed someone else to envision for you, learn to be with fear. Do not run away from what brings up the fear. The universe is calling you to remember: that which you fear is YOU. So stop moving away from it, and turn towards it instead. Give it love, which is as simple as witnessing.

Once you no longer allow fear to determine your thoughts, words and actions, you are in charge of your vibration and can create your reality consciously.

And you shall be absolutely free.

Miia Kuronen

I'm a truth seeker, and that search has lead me to raw veganism, emotional healing and a variety of other more or less strange things. I am here to share my journey of discoveries with anyone who is interested in breaking paradigms.

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