The Womb Speaks

“I am here. I have always been here, patiently witnessing. I know the truth. My glance speaks more than all the books in this world. You can see the eternal truth in my eyes. I am what I am. I express what is true in me. Nothing more nothing less. My smile springs from a place of deep joy. My eyes well from relief and compassion. My stillness permeates.

I am always with myself. I never move out of myself. All of my actions are an extension of my true being. I know no shoulds nor have tos. I am wild in that way, not civilized, not educated. I have no interest in norms or manners. I am simply natural.

I am ready to do what is needed, yet I am still waiting for the consciousness to return to me. I see what needs to be done, and I do it. With my bare hands, I go to work. I nurture, I nourish, I return to the essential. I talk to everything in existence that is available to interact. I speak to the trees, and the rivers and the insects and the mountains and the flowers and the wind and the fire and the rocks and the wolves, the sun and the moon. They whisper to me at dawn and at dusk.

I am a protector of all life. I nourish all life, I nourish consciousness. With great love, I point the way to the essential. This is painful for those who do not want to let go. Yet I do not waiver, nor do I soften for them. I keep showing the way. 

They can see it in my eyes, and many avoid looking at me. They become avoidant and disappear before I expose to them the layers of lies and falsehoods that they are buried under.

I am not bothered by the opinions or expectations of others. I do what I do, and I am what I am. I listen and I witness with compassion, yet I do not react. I simply reflect love and truth. I have the capacity to be with immense pain and suffering and inundate it with love and acceptance.

We have gone astray. It is time to return to the essential. I am the guardian of this planet and of its children. My body is of this earth and I honor my own body as I honor mother Earth. I do not exchange my sex for anything, for it is sacred. I do not seek love or connection through sex. I keep my sacred body to myself and share her with care and discernment.

I uphold high standards for how I wish to be in relationships: how we treat each other, that we honor and respect each other and that we are honest and genuine. That we are true in our words and actions. No pretense, no enabling, no false niceties.

I create the basis for a community. I am the space holder for the incubation and the birthing of a new kind of human society. I give direction, for I never forget the essential. Keep coming back to me, and I will show you the way. Keep remembering to listen, and I will speak to you. Keep remembering to feel deeply, and I will show you.

I help you to die a death that cleanses, to burn away what no longer serves you. Until all confusion is gone. You are back in your center. In the stillness with me, with great clarity and vision, with no distraction or resistance. You are able to be with what is and acknowledge the truth. Then you know what I know, and we both know what needs to be done.

I am here, when you are ready.”