Join Full Moon Shadow Clearing & Activation 

(July 23rd @ 5pm London Time GMT+)

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The full moon is known as the time when people feel a bit crazy and act strange. The reason for this is that the full moon has the power to pull our unconscious shadows to the surface to be seen, purged and transformed. This is why we might feel intense emotions, get strange impulses, or get easily triggered, more so than usual. This is a GREAT time to intentionally dive in and allow any old patterns, thoughts, emotions and programs to surface, so they can be witnessed and released.

What to Expect

I guide you into a meditative state and channel messages from the group’s collective unconscious that need to be released. I will be sharing insights about what it is that is blocking you in your life, career, relationships etc, and what is needed for that energy to shift. I will guide you through some practices to help you release blockages and shift your vibration. There will be space for questions and I might offer some individual guidance when time allows.

The Flow

  • Centering Meditation – 10 min
  • Channeling Group Consciousness (incl. practices & questions) – 40 min
  • Closing circle & reflection – 10 min

Total: Approx 1h


Anything from 2 to 22 €. Whatever you are able to give that feels genuine and abundant. All contributions are much appreciated and welcomed, as long as it comes from your heart. <3

About Channeling

Everything in this universe is “made of” consciousness. The same way that you and I have a consciousness of our own, so does every aspect of you, each organ, and each cell. In fact, each of us is more like the collective consciousness of our different aspects, rather than a singular consciousness.

Because we are all part of the unified field of consciousness, we all have the possibility to learn how to intentionally tap into these different parts of the unified consciousness. This “tapping into” is often called channeling.

In channeling we act as a vessel, letting a specific consciousness express itself through us, using our voices and our bodies. We also have the possibility to observe the target consciousness while remaining fully in our own perspective, thus expressing things about the target, rather than expressing AS the target.

About the Facilitator

Miia is a clear channel that is able to tap into different forms of consciousness, including suppressed aspects, higher self, soul essence, and non-physical entities.

She always maintains access to her own witnessing consciousness while channeling, which enables her to see the target consciousness from both first and third-person perspectives. This allows her to communicate insights that the target itself might not have access to.