Join Active Meditation to Transmute Fear & Anxiety 

(July 16 @ 5pm London Time GMT+1)

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These times of change and rapid downloads of energy bring to surface our suppressed fears and lots of anxiety. For us to evolve and to move towards our highest expression, it is essential that we learn to be with fear and transmute it consciously.

Fear & Anxiety are suppressed energies that are stuck in our bodies, which means that we need to bring our awareness to them, and to consciously and intentionally liberate that stuck energy, rather than avoiding the fear or anxiety by distracting or focusing positively.

If we keep avoiding fear or anxiety, we will end up avoiding anything that might bring them up, and therefore we end up avoiding LIFE itself. Most things that bring about rapid expansion and healing bring to surface our fears and insecurities. Therefore, if you want to evolve it is essential that you learn to be with fear, transmute it and move forward with it.

In this session I guide you through a process that will help you to transmute and alchemize that stuck energy in your body so that it can be funneled into expression and self-actualization!

The Flow

  • Brief Sharing of our Fears & Anxieties – 15 min
  • Active Meditation Process – 35 min
  • Closing Circle – 10 min

Total: Approx 1h

What to Expect

In order to liberate and transmute stuck energies, meditation is not enough, we need to do it physically! Therefore, the meditation journey I guide you through involves movement, sounding, and breathing. It is essential that you actually do the process fully to get the most out of it. Make sure that you have space to move and that you feel safe to make sounds. I recommend that you have pillows and tissues available to you.


Anything from 2 to 22 €. Whatever you are able to give that feels genuine and abundant. All contributions are much appreciated and welcomed, as long as it comes from your heart ❤

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I look forward to seeing you there so that we can liberate some energy together!