Conscious Manifestor Session

Release resistance & come into alignment 

In this session I use channeling to  tap into your subconscious blockages that hold you back from achieving what you want in life. This could be anything, such as a specific career, a partner, heath, inner peace or just feeling better. 

I help you to see, to understand, to integrate and to transform the blockage so that you can become a vibrational match to what you desire and start creating it consciously. I will also share with you what is the ext step needed to manifest your desires into reality.

You will have the opportunity to interact with you own blockage and to ask questions to it. This can also be an intense and emotional process, in which case I use inner child work and emotional presence to create resolve.

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1 session = 120 €

3 sessions = 330 

7 sessions = 700   

10 sessions = 950 

Each session lasts for 60 minutes. If the session requires more time, I charge 35 € for each additional 30 minutes.

What is Channeling?

Everything in this universe is “made of” consciousness. The same way that you and I have a consciousness of our own, so does every aspect of you, each organ, and each cell. In fact, each of us is more like the collective consciousness of our different aspects, rather than a singular consciousness.

Because we are all part of the unified field of consciousness, we all have the possibility to learn how to intentionally tap into these different parts of the unified consciousness.

This “tapping into” is often called channeling. In channeling we act as a vessel, letting a specific consciousness express itself through us, using our voices and our bodies. We also have the possibility to observe the target consciousness while remaining fully in our own perspective, thus expressing things about the target, rather than expressing AS the target.

This offers a powerful opportunity for us to see things in a new way and to access perspectives that we were previously not connected to. When we do this with our internal parts, there is an amazing potential for profound inner healing.

About the Channel

Growing up I used to pick up a lot of information from my surroundings and the people around me and I often confused the outside world with my inner world. I was often overwhelmed and easily influenced by my environment.

Throughout my own healing journey, I have learned to differentiate what is mine and what is not, and I have realized that I actually hold kind of a super power: the ability to tap into people’s perspectives, to understand their inner worlds, and to gain information about pretty much any person, a collective or a type of consciousness. 

What I used to consider a weakness, has turned into an immense resource and a talent, that has the power to deliver insights, awareness, profound healing and integration, both to myself and to others. 

When I channel, I always maintain access to my own witnessing consciousness, and so I am able to see the target consciousness from both first and third-person perspectives. This allows me to communicate insights that the target itself might not have access to.


What you can gain from working with me:

  • Become aware of unconscious parts / beliefs / emotional blockages that hold you back from creating what you want in life
  • Understand yourself more deeply
  • Interact with your own subconscious and get answers to your questions
  • Resolve resistance and live more effortlessly
  • Know what is your next step in moving towards what you want to create in your life!
  • Gain insight into your life purpose and your unique gifts and excellence that you have come to share with the world.


Miia, I love your work and presence a lot! I feel so safe with you. I feel so seen, understood and valued by you. Your intuition for what might be right for the person to hear and how to fulfill the needs to feel validated and have a healing experience is so creative, caring and sensitive. I feel so much unconditional presence and love! Thank you so much for your being and sharing your gifts and learnings with us. ♡ Eun-Young Lee

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