Cacao & Tantra

Share your heart and your soul in
a deep encounter with other soulful, powerful women. Are you
longing to express your heart and your soul with passion? Are you
seeking to reconnect to your feminine sensuality? Are you excited to
create intimacy in sisterhood and together reclaim the forbidden?

We invite you for a full day of exploration into intimacy, shedding sexual blockages, dismantling societal programming, learning to love our bodies again, and creating sisterhood where no topic is a taboo. We will have a group of max 8 women in a cozy and peaceful space in Potsdam.


The program includes nudity and intimate exercises that might challenge our ideas of what is OK, based on our programming.


This is for you if you relate to any of the below…

a) you are already comfortable in the realm of tantra and want to explore deeper

b) you are ready to face the programming around your sexuality (even if it’s challenging)

c) you are not sure but feel confident about expressing your needs and boundaries in a group.


If you are feeling curious but are hesitating, you can contact us and we will answer any questions you might have. <3

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The Flow

12:00 – Cacao* & Shamanic Release

13:30 – Exposing Limiting Programming

16:00 – Lunch (vegan & gluten free)

17:00 – Sisters’ Red Tantra

19:00 – Ending




*This is a special cacao that grows wild in the Mexican jungle, collected and processed by the indigenous people.


Cost: 55 €

To register, fill the form below and pay a deposit of 20 € (rest to be paid in cash upon arrival).


In case of cancellation, deposit is not refunded. You will receive the exact address after registering.


Send the deposit to:




Bank Transfer:

Miia Kuronen


Sister's Cacao & Tantra

Register to Sister's Cacao & Tantra

Sunday, July 10 @ 12:00 - 19:00


Don’t see the confirmation email? Email me directly at [email protected]