In this page I have compiled all the most important tools that will help you to manifest the reality that you want, and to finally step into your full power and Earth mission. Although they are not in order of importance, the order in which they are presented can be helpful for you to follow.

Here are tools that will help you on your journey (click to jump to section). More tools will be added in the near future so stay tuned in!

1. Connect to Your Aware Self
Intro: What you need to know before doing any healing work

Oftentimes people try out emotional healing practices, and end up feeling like it’s too overwhelming, and even retraumatizing. They decide that emotional/trauma healing is simply not for them, and they stick to mantras and positive focus. Here I share with you the #1 reason why healing doesn’t work for people and what you need to do before you do any more emotional or trauma healing by yourself!

Meditation: Connect to your aware self
In this meditation I to guide you to be in touch with your Aware Self, your witnessing Consciousness, your Higher Self. You will get in touch with the feeling signature of what it’s like to be a solid, non-reactive container for your own healing experience. This is the very foundation for your journey, which will fast-track your healing and integration.
2. Master Your Fear​
Intro: Why it’s important to deal with our fear
If you want to manifest the reality that you want and to actualize yourself fully, one of the most important things you can do is to deal with your fear. Your vibration determines what you can or cannot create, and fear is a very low vibrational state to be in. If someone or something can induce fear in you, they control your vibration and therefore, they control your reality.
Meditation: Transmute Fear & Anxiety

In this meditation I guide you to be in touch with your fear or anxiety. I help you to transmute it through presence, so that it can be released and the energy that has been trapped in your body can be liberated. Be prepared to make some sounds and movements to release the energy.