Let me take you on a journey...

New Moon Super Power Activation

The New Moon helps us to connect to our highest vision for what we want to create and experience. With the right intention, the New Moon can really empower you to manifest things into being!

This is a great time to bring forth our greatest stregths, so that we can give ourselves fully to the new challenge, a new chapter. To really own our gifts and embodying our own brilliance! >> Check the next date

Full Moon Shadow Clearing

The full moon is known as the time when people feel a bit crazy and act strange. The reason for this is that the full moon has the power to pull our unconscious shadows to the surface to be seen, purged and transformed. This is why we might feel intense emotions, get strange impulses, or get easily triggered, more so than usual. 

This is a GREAT time to intentionally dive in and allow any old patterns, thoughts, emotions and programs to surface, so they can be witnessed and released. >> Check the next date!