A Guide to Your Essence

Get in touch with your own inner truth and reown your power as the only authority of your life. Never ever think yourself small or incapable again!

You hold the key to your empowerment.

I’m not here to tell you the answers. 

My whole purpose for doing this work is to guide you into touch with your own inner truth.

 I want to help you to reown your power as your own authority. 

Never ever think yourself small or incapable again.

Our personal journeys are intimately linked with what is going on in the world at this time. 

We are experiencing a collective awakening and our personal task is to release our Karmic ties and to raise our vibration so that we can rise to the occation to create the New Earth

Our task is nothing less than to raise humanity and ourselves out of slavery and victimhood, into emodied sovereignty and creatorhood.

Each and every one of us must start by doing this at an individual level.

The Journey Back Home

This is where I step in

I've been through it too

♥ I come to you with compassion for your journey, for I have been through it too. 

♥ I have been to those dark places, I have been faced with the lies I’ve told myself, I have shattered my egoic patterns over and over again, I have caught myself playing the victim, and painfully acknowledged how I was responsible for my reality all along.

♥ I have reacquainted with my rage, hatred, grief, sexual distortions and apathy and I have purged them, purified my being, transmuted it all into its highest form, and the process continues.

♥ The purification has allowed the Sacred Rage to be channeled onto integrity and boundaries, and the joy and love have taken root in my being.

♥ I channel my sexual energy into creativity and love for all life.

♥ It is my joy and my honor to go through this journey with you, because I love humanity, I love life, and you are a part of me.

♥ Your healing is my healing.

♥ Your awakening is my awakening.

This is how I work

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What happens in a session

How your life can transform

When you remove the layers of your trauma and programming, you unique essence begins to shine through.

You begin to access your excitement for life and the joy of creation itself.

You will be guided to contribute to the world in your unique way, which brings great purpose and meaning.

You no longer feel stuck, and are able to take inspired action regardelss of fear.

You begin to feel comfortable in your own skin, confident and grounded.

You will stand in integrity for what you know to be true and right.

You learn to have deep intimacy with yourself and love every single aspect and facet of your being.

You will eventually find forgiveness for yourself and for others, and will be able to shine love onto every single human you meet.

You come out of the loops of blame and shame, and being to create your life consciously.

You begin to attract people who resonate with your energy and want to share this life journey with you.

You will be able to release your Karma, which means that your soul will be liberated beyond this lifetime.

Sessions & Programs

Totem 1 small

1 session

A 90 to 120 minute deep dive to discover the root of any issue that you wish to bring to the session.
See why and how you are creating the situation at hand..
Begin to resolve the root cause in a deep process with my guidance.

147 €
Totem 2 small

6 sessions

Includes 6 x 90 min sessions in 1 or 2 week intervals.
Support in between sessions through Telegram or Email.
Practices and exercises to help you integrate your processes in between sessions.

798 €
Totem 3 small

12 sessions

Includes 12 x 90 min sessions in 1 or 2 week intervals.
Support in between sessions through Telegram or Email.
Practices and exercises to help you integrate your processes in between sessions.
Free access to 1 group session per month.


Work With Me

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