Veganism & Spirituality: is there a link?

Veganism & Spirituality: is there a link?

As we evolve, we start choosing our thoughts, words and actions more carefully. We start taking responsibility for what we create in the world. Similarly, we start choosing more carefully what we put into our bodies, and therefore, what we eat is intimately connected to our level of consciousness.

Why many spiritual people eat vegan

As we become more aware, we also become aware of how our actions impact others and the whole, as well as how we feel. We become more and more sensitive and as a result, we begin to feel what certain foods do to us on a physical and energetic level. This is why in the beginning of their spiritual path many people switch to a plant based diet. It’s a step towards taking others as part of ourselves. It’s taking responsibility for how our actions impact other species and the planet. I see it as kind of a milestone on the path towards spiritual maturity.

However, not all vegans are spiritually evolved, or particularly aware. This is the case when veganism is coming from a place of ego identification, and the evil is being projected to the outside, onto meat eaters and animal farmers. Instead of approaching them with compassion, we create a war on non-vegans, propagating hate in the name of justice. This is far from integration and only fuels further separation. Most of us were not born vegan. Did we forget that we were once in their shoes? 

At its heart, eating a plant based diet is an act of self love. Quite literally, when I harm others with my diet, I also harm my body. I choose healthy foods because I love myself and I want only the best for me. Awakening is all about learning to love everything about ourselves, and as my sense of self expands, this includes other beings, because they are a part of me.

Veganism & Spirituality: is there a link?

What about spiritual people who eat meat?

Why do some spiritual people eat meat or junk food? This is a result of what I call “one dimensional spirituality”, which is primarily focused on the male polarity, which is about mastering the mind and developing the observing self through meditation. 

It is absolutely necessary to have access to this observing consciousness to be able to create our lives consciously, but when all our spiritual efforts are focused on cultivating only that, it can be quite disconnected from the physical experience. And when we disconnect form the physical experience, we no longer feel what our bodies need and our hearts long for. When this happens, we can also lose connection to other life forms.

For me, awakening is about integration, which means fully becoming everything we are, including both the aware self, as well as the physical self with all the senses. The latter I consider to be the more feminine polarity.

When you actually start integrating the body consciousness (which will be hard if you are operating from the mind), you will simply feel what is health promoting for you personally, and what it is that your body needs. And what your body needs is what your spirits needs. The path to experiencing God(dess) goes thru the body. That’s why we are here. That’s why we have chosen to incarnate into the physical reality.

Veganism & Spirituality: is there a link?

When it’s not serving you

When a spiritual diet becomes part of the ego, is when it comes from the mind, rather than from body wisdom. You can decide from a place of righteousness or superiority to eat certain way with zero connection to how this serves the larger whole (or doesn’t), or with zero connection to how your body responds to your new diet. It is possible to eat a clean whole foods vegan diet and not be in alignment with your soul evolution.

When your desire to eat vegan comes from a place of “If I’m perfect I will be lovable, because deep down I feel unworthy”, or “this way I can feel in control and superior to others because very few people can do this”, or the most common one “All meat eaters are evil and I’m one of the few good guys who are saving the world.”. In this case your attachment to your diet or ideology is not serving you. What is needed instead is radical self acceptance and love.

For someone who had very strict and controlling parents for instance, it might be a healing experience to allow themselves to eat whatever they want for some time. This will feel like a relief for them as they can finally let go of the expectations to be certain way in order to be loved. We all need space to evolve at our own pace. Only when we feel truly free to choose, we can do it from a place of integrity and self-love, rather than guilt or obligation, and only then we can embody and radiate what we have learned.

Our life needs to be our choice. If it’s not, no matter how beautiful it looks on the outside, we have learned nothing. We might all be headed towards the same place, but the path is different for each person. 

Follow your inner guidance

No matter what your YouTube gurus would like you to believe, there is no one way or process towards a right diet and a healthier you. The steps are different for each person and it’s essential that you listen to your intuition and your body to find your own truth. The entire spiritual journey is about finding your own core truth, your own inner authority, your free will, your “true identity” as the creator.

So that’s why I will not tell you the answers. My goal will always be to simply guide you back in touch with your own inner wisdom, because from that place, I know that you will do what serves the whole.

Veganism & Spirituality: is there a link?

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