Soul Purpose


Ready to release old ego patterns and to step into a state of trust and flow, to be guided into alignment with your purpose?

As we are passing the New Moon, it a great time to tap into the vision we hold for our lives, and to connect to our highest potential. 

I will help you to see your biggest ego pattern that is blocking you from living in flow with love and spark, and we will begin the process of releasing it. I will also help you to tap into the high vibrational energy that is flooding the planet at this time, so that you can align with what you came here for.

You may experience...

(as with anything, You get out of it as much as you put in.)

What to expect

I guide you into a meditative state and channel the group’s main ego pattern that is keeping us from being in a state of trust and flow with the Universe. I will guide you through some practices to help you to release blockages and shift your vibration, so that you can unfold into your fullest version more effortlessly.

 Total duration: Approx 75 min


A sliding scale from 2 to 22 €. Whatever you are able to give that feels genuine and abundant. 
I want to emphasize that this is not a free event. However, I really like to keep this event accessible to everyone, which is why I keep it a sliding scale. I also want to cultivate trust and integrity between us, which is why you are very welcome to send your contribution after the event. 

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Soul Purpose Activation

What is channeling?

Everything in this universe is “made of” consciousness. The same way that you and I have a consciousness of our own, so does every aspect of you, each organ, and each cell. In fact, each of us is more like the collective consciousness of our different aspects, rather than a singular consciousness functioning as a unit.

Because we are all part of one field of consciousness, we all have the possibility to learn how to intentionally tap into different parts or aspects of it. It’s like looking at the whole from a different angle. This “tapping into” is often called channeling.
In channeling we act as a vessel, letting a specific consciousness express itself through us, using our voices and our bodies. We also have the possibility to observe the target consciousness while remaining fully in our own perspective, thus expressing things about the target, rather than expressing AS the target.


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Friday, February 4th @ 5 pm CET