Sister's Cacao & Tantra

A full day of exploration into intimacy, shedding sexual blockages, dismantling societal programming, learning to love our bodies again, and creating sisterhood where no topic is a taboo. >> Check the next date

Full Moon Shadow Clearing

I guide you into a meditative state and channel the group’s subconscious blockages that need to be released. I will be sharing insights about what it is that is blocking you in your life, career, relationships etc, and what is needed for that energy to shift. I will guide you through some practices to help you to release blockages and shift your vibration, so that you can unfold into your fullest version more effortlessly. >> Check the next date

Womb Clearing & Alignment

I help you to tap into your womb consciousness, which is a source for your feminine power and wisdom. I will channel the suppressed voice of our collective womb and help you to release stagnant energies and blockages from her. I will guide you through some processes to re-owning the power that lies within you so you begin to speak with unwavering wisdom from the depth of your womb.>> Check the next date!

Wild Woman Activation

I guide you through a process that will help you to access, to transmute and to embody the suppressed primal energy within you, so that you can be a TOTAL woman, embodied in your wholeness, power and beauty.   >> Check the next date

Soul Purpose Activation

I will help you to see your biggest ego pattern that is blocking you from living in flow with love and spark, and we will begin the process of releasing it. I will also help you to tap into the high vibrational energy that is flooding the planet at this time, so that you can align with what you came here for. >> Check the next date