Deep emotional presence

loving presence

Be seen, heard & validated

This is a space for you to open up and to share about your sorrows, worries, anxieties or anything else that is present in you.

I connect to you on an emotional level and feel you deeply. I seek to understand your inner world and to hold you in my caring presence. This usually leads to emotional release, relief and feeling deeply understood and validated in your experience.

If you wish, I also reflect back to you my perspective on the situation and what I perceive might be your deepest needs, blockages or patterns regarding the situation at hand.

55 € / 1h

What is emotional presence?

In the modern society, we learn to suppress most of our emotions that are deemed “negative”, and there is very little understanding or tolerance for free emotional expression, whether it is anger, grief, desperation, powerlessness, envy or anything else. One might say that we live in the emotional dark ages.

In reality, no emotion is objectively negative. Emotions are simply indicators of what is desired and what is not. They show us something about ourselves and our truth. For instance, anger is an indicator that our boundary has been crossed (by someone else or by ourselves), whereas envy is a sign that we desire something that we don’t believe we can have.

If we suppress our emotions we lose connection to our internal guidance system, and we also end up suppressing very important parts of our selves. Parts that hold valuable perspectives and pieces of our personal truth.

Emotional presence is simply the act of sitting with our emotions and being present with whatever is alive within us, without judgement and without the need to change anything. It is the deepest act of self-love to allow our inner truth to be seen and heard in it’s full expression.

Being emotionally present with ourselves can be profoundly healing, but having someone give their unconditional presence to us can be needed for a deep relief and integration to take place.