Detox Program

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30-Day Detox Program

Are you ready to commit to a lifestyle change but need some guidance and support? The 30-day program is a personalized plan for you to get a good head start on your healing journey. This detox program takes a holistic approach, incorporating both the physical as well as the hidden, often subconscious blockages that hinder our progress.

This program includes:

💎 A full iris reading (read more)
💎 A personalized detox protocol using diet, herbs and other tools
💎 2 parts integration sessions (read more)
💎 3x 30-minute support call
💎 Recipes, tips & tools to remain balanced and focused 

380 €

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Integrated Approach to Health

For years I have watched people struggle with making lasting lifestyle changes, especially when it comes to changing their eating habits. Unfortunately, most of the advice that is available to people in the raw food and detoxification community focuses on positivity and strengthening our will power. “You can do it! Just try harder.”, They say.

I have watched how this kind of advice causes people to come to the conclusion that if they cannot make the change, there is something wrong with them, or perhaps they are a complete failure for lacking the will power, a hopeless case. This kind of perspective only fuels self-hate and thus takes us even further from the optimal state of health.

The truth is, there are several underlying reasons for why we struggle with making these seemingly straightforward changes. As part of this program, I help you to uncover and resolve the unique blockages and bottlenecks that are hindering your progress. 

I want you to know that you can change, and that you can create the life that you desire. You might just need some help with direction, support and with finding out what is keeping you anchored into your current habits. 

It’s my greatest passion to help people and to see them thrive, and I would love to help you to become the best version of yourself!

The Program

Raw Food & Detox Guidance

>> This program begins with a thorough mapping of your health history, current health status, current diet and lifestyle, you personal goals, struggles and areas where you migh need extra support. The iris photos can be taken as part of this session or can be send to me via email.

>> As the next step, I offer a full iridology reading, where I map your current health profile, including genetic constitution, level of toxicity, impacted areas and genetic weaknesses. With the help of this analysis, I design a custom protocol for you, which will help you to cleanse your body, improve how you feel, and to transition into a lasting, healthy lifestyle. We will go over the protocol together and you will also receive it as a written document.

Detox Program

>> As part of this program, I offer you 2 parts integration sessions, where our goal is to uncover unconscious patterns related to food, suppressed trauma or emotions that you are avoiding to feel, or unconscious belief systems that keep you stagnating. The goal of these sessions is to resolve these bottlenecks so that you can move towards vibrant health with the least amount of resistance.

Let’s say one day you are feeling low, something happened that day that brought up a need for comfort. You want to quit and order take away food. This is the perfect moment to dive into Parts Integration and start a dialogue with the part of you who feels like quitting, uncover the true needs of that part and find ways to fulfill those needs in ways that don’t damage your health. There is no need to fight against cravings. The key is to find the true reasons behind your cravings and heal them at the very root.

Yoga detox program exact

>> On top of this, I will schedule three 30 minute follow-up calls with you to hear how you are progressing, where you are struggling and to share your successes. During these calls I will answer all of your questions and provide you with the support that you need. These calls can also be combined into a longer session or can be done up to 2 weeks after the end of the 30 days as a follow up call.

>> As a bonus, I will share my favorite recipes and tips with you that can give you the inspiration that you need to really enjoy this journey! You will receive motivational emails throughout your journey that inspire you to continue with full speed. You will receive the following additional resources:

  • A directory of the most common detox symptoms.
  • Information about different types of  fasting.
  • Insights about how to incorporate Ayurveda with raw veganism.
  • Information about correct food combining.
  • Links to my favorite inspirational videos and other materials.
  • A table of alkaline vs acid foods.