Parts Integration

Parts Integration

A path to healing and self-love 

In a Parts Integration session I use the framework of Internal Family Systems (IFS) combined with inner child and core belief work. My approach is very intuitive and I always respond to what arises in the present moment, with the highest regard to emotional safety and your boundaries.

During the session we often become aware of hidden traumas and beliefs that your suppressed parts hold and our goal is to understand their needs and to create resolution so that these parts can be integrated into your core consciousness.

Parts Work can be an intensely emotional process and often times when emotions or memories arise, I go on to facilitate inner child work or Completion Process (a trauma resolution method) to bring about a deeper level of healing.

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Whenever we go through trauma that we are unable to process in the moment, our consciousness fragments into different aspects: one that can cope, survive and move on, and one that cannot. Usually we dissociate from, and suppress the aspect of ourselves that we perceive to be the culprit for the traumatic experience. For example, an aspect that got us rejected, humiliated or abandoned.

Human connection is the most important need for every single human being, and thus we find that in most cases the roots of fragmentation can be traced back to an experience that in one way or another resulted in disconnection or isolation.

It is not possible to live life without going through some level of trauma, which means that every single human being has a fragmented consciousness. The only difference is, to what degree.

You can become aware of this internal fragmentation in situation where you feel confused, you feel drawn between different options, you find it hard to make a decision, you feel resistance to taking action or where you are unable to manifest something in your life that you consciously desire. These are all symptoms of internal splits, meaning there are aspects within you that have conflicting needs and desires, and that are therefore pulling you to different directions or inhibiting you from taking action.

Creating Resolution

In the private session we connect to these suppressed aspects and seek to understand their needs, motifs and desires. During the process we oftentimes uncover old, damaging beliefs and traumas related to the moment of fragmentation.

Through a careful dialogue, validation and unraveling of these aspects, we come to understand ourselves better, creating internal piece and compassion. In the best case scenario, we can bring conflicting parts to a place where they can cooperate with each other, and as a result, you might find yourself finally able to manifest the things in your life that you desire the most.

One of the things that I find the most fascinating about integration is that practically all of our suppressed aspects hold skills and talents that got suppressed with the part, and we might not have the slightest memory of possessing them, until the moment that we integrate that specific part.

It is absolutely essential that we recognize the value that each of our fragments hold, and the benefit that they can bring to us.  All of our aspects, no matter how rejected and suppressed, are invaluable for our integration and healing, and ultimately, for our awakening.