Standing in your raw truth

Standing in your raw truth

I have always been somewhat shy to speak up when it makes me stand out of the crowd or if I feel it disrupts the group dynamic. When I first went vegan it took me several months to start admitting it to my fiends and colleagues. Then, when I finally started saying “I’m vegan”, I was surprised how easy and freeing it felt. What I realized is that most people don’t really care, while some are curious. And in that rare occasion that someone gets triggered by my food choices, it’s actually more about them than about me.

Once I started telling the truth, I sort of integrated that aspect of myself and became more confident in my position.

Now I’m facing the same challenge as a raw vegan. It’s a combination of not wanting to be a burden, not wanting to be judged and not wanting to feel isolated. I have been almost fully raw for about a year now, occasionally caving under social pressure. Only about three months ago I made the commitment to stay fully raw no matter what, and say out loud: “I eat raw vegan”.

I have realized that stating my truth liberates me, as part of the reason why I get into awkward situations is that people don’t know about my diet. So what tends to happen is they choose a restaurant with plenty of vegan options but nothing raw, or they prepare something vegan for me and I end up eating it out of guilt.

salad 4
This is what I would typically eat in a non-raw-vegan restaurant.

So most of the time it’s not actually about them putting pressure on me, it’s about me not standing in my truth.

I have come to realize that going raw vegan is a great exercise for self-empowerment, as it casts you out of the main stream and forces you to stand in your truth as others question your food choices and put you under the spot light.

In the end, I am alone on this journey. There is no one else to look to (Youtube is helpful, but I am talking about actual people in my life), and through all the detox craziness there was no one to go through it with me: losing weight, losing hair, getting skin rashes and nauseas… I have been through it alone, all the while people around me thought I had lost my mind.

This is the ultimate invitation to trust your own experience, trust how you feel, trust your intuition, and be the source of knowledge and acceptance to yourself.

We have been raised to blindly accept the traditions and beliefs of our families and the society. We are not encouraged to question and find the truth for ourselves. Part of my journey is to throw everything I know out of the window and to seek for the truth from my own experience, for only direct experience is true knowledge.

Most things we have been told, such as “Our brains started developing as a result of eating meat”, we have not experienced or lived, therefore we do not really know it. We simply believe it because someone with authority on the subject told us so. Hence it is a belief. Everything that we accept without direct experience is a belief.

I am on a quest to challenge and abandon all beliefs and to go after the only true source of knowledge: experience.

Once you start standing in and speaking your truth, an interesting thing happens: people become curious. They see your truth. You start impacting other people’s lives. By simply living your truth you give the ultimate gift to those who are ready for it.

raw truth me.jpg
Solo traveling in Zadar, Croatia.


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