The Health Paradox

The Health Paradox

Have you ever wondered why many people who eat crap all their lives seem to be doing just fine, until suddenly at the age of 40, 50 or 60 they get a heart attack or some disease “out of nowhere?

The answer to this mystery is quite simply the “law of adaptation”.

This is how it works. When a 16-year old smokes for the first time, his body protests with a violent cough. If he insists on imposing this habit on his body, his body adapts and finds ways to cope with the toxic habit, lowering its alarm mechanisms. Most of us have been forced to adapt to all kinds of non-ideal circumstances since the day we were conceived, with all kinds of toxins entering our bodies and our living environment. This invasion continues throughout our lives, every day, sometimes at every meal, unless we challenge the eating habits we inherited from our parents and stop listening to what society tells us.

The Health Paradox
You might be doing “just fine” for decades with destructive habits, until one day your body can no more. Photo by Melissa Mjoen.

It is no surprise then that most people live in a perpetual state of coping and adapting just to survive, and never get even a glimpse of true thriving.

As opposed to allopathic medicine, the science of naturopathy understands that the many childhood flues and infections are the body’s initial attempt to rid itself of toxins and acid compounds. Every single person who follows a standard western diet suffers from chronic congestion which leads to catharsis on regular intervals, and this is vital for the long term health of the body (this applies to vegans as well). It is not until your body is fully cleansed though detoxification that you no longer need these episodes of intensive elimination. Unfortunately, for most people this elimination process is not happening fast enough and there is not enough energy available for it, so the accumulation of toxins outpaces the elimination. As a result the body is forced to learn to cope with a constant  state of toxicity.

In this world of toxic chemicals, everybody lives in a state of compromised health. If you are not reacting to it, it is not because you have a superior immune system or simply great genes (although you might have). If you are not purging, you have either cleansed your body through intensive detoxification, or your body is so genetically weakened and its elimination channels so compromised, that it has lost its vital ability to react, to expel and to protest the mistreatment (the latter being the more likely option). If you identify with the latter, you are the one who, at the age of 40 gets a heart attack or develops a tumor “out of nowhere”

Then there are those who have all kinds of food allergies and intolerances, and those who contract every flu that is “going around”. It might be that their bodies are even more congested than that of an average person, or it could be that their bodies are actually more vital, with still some energy and resources left to detox and to protest against the harmful substances imposed on it.

The latter suggestion is supported by the observation that the poorer one’s health and lifestyle choices, the more crap one’s body can tolerate. Think, for instance, of someone smoking, drinking alcohol and eating McDonald’s and claiming to feel just fine, and compare that to a newborn who is very sensitive to the slightest of toxins or foreign proteins.

Then, think of someone coming from a McDonald’s diet, who has moved to a clean, whole foods vegan diet. Now, for them going back to the old ways is no longer an option, for if the body would not reject the junk food by making him ill, he would probably feel very heavy and get a stomach ache the very least.

Consequently, we find that those with the cleanest bodies are the most sensitive to toxins (for example babies). With toxins I refer mainly to processed foods, additives, acid forming foods and chemicals. If your body is clean enough, you can feel when something is not good for you, and it may react by rejecting the substance all together in the form of vomiting or diarrhea.

The Health Paradox

The Health Paradox
The body will only reach its full potential when we stop subjecting it to damaging conditions and we allow it to heal and rebuild. Photo by Hanna Postova

The health paradox then, is that those who seem to be so healthy as to tolerate anything and everything, are actually the most congested and toxic, while those who react to everything remotely unhealthy, are the ones who stand the biggest chance for a longer, disease free life.

Sometimes when people stay away from gluten or dairy for a few weeks, they notice that they can no longer tolerate them afterward, even though they initially stopped eating them out of pure curiosity. Then they lament having made such an experiment as now their bodies have “become intolerant” as a result.

What is actually going on here? Our bodies don’t become intolerant to foods that are good for us simply because we didn’t eat them in a while. In actuality, our bodies have learned to tolerate, to endure, to cope with the abuse that we subject it to on a daily basic since our birth. Then, when we stop consuming damaging foods such as gluten and dairy for a while, our bodies reclaim their ability to protest and take the opportunity to reject these substances.

Now, here is a novel thought: Sensitivity is a blessing that the modern society has very little regard for. A newborn baby is sensitive because its body is clean. Then society teaches us to subject the baby to all the toxins of the world until it becomes utterly desensitized, so that it can “get used to” the same things that we consume. If your body is sensitive to gluten, dairy, additives, alcohol or anything else that is not a fruit or a vegetable, thank it for informing you of the harmfulness of that food. Be grateful that your body is actually talking to you.

A dead body does not react, and a body that does not react is on its way to the grave.

A vital body reacts, responds and protests. It communicates and moves away from decay and towards life. What do you choose? To succumb to slow degenerative decay or to move towards the bliss of vitality and longevity? The choice is yours.

The Health Paradox
Photo by Caju Gomes

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  1. What an amazing article! I have been sensitive my whole life, but as you said society makes us think that there something wrong with us and we need to get used to that kind “food”. I had to pay the bill with an autoimmune disease. Since I was a young teenager I was sick, had diarrhoea and lots of other symptoms until my body rejected completely. Since ten years I’m on my healing journey and finally I’m glad that my body is so sensitive as I get a direct feedback. For a lot of people this seems to be horrible, but I see it as s gift now. Still on my way and looking forward to what comes. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! Sending you love and light!

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