What controls the world? (A spiritual perspective)

What controls the world? (A spiritual perspective)

What we see happening in the world right now with so much fear and desire for control, is a result of a specific type of consciousness dominating the collective consciousness of mankind. There is a massive split within humanity and within every individual: The mind vs the heart. The rational, vs the intuitive. The scientific vs the spiritual. The thinking vs feeling.

Most of the world is currently dominated by an extreme level of identification with the mind, which by itself is purely mechanical, robotic, seeing the world as one’s and zeros, completely disconnected from the feelings and from the heart. Identification, of course, is the ego, but in this case we are talking about an extreme ego identification with the mind specifically.

While the eastern philosophies call this the mind, the shamans have called it the snake.

What controls the world? (A spiritual perspective)

The Danger

The danger is that the mind tends to completely invalidate and disregard the heart as not rational and think it doesn’t even know what is best for its own good. It is choosing the rational and the logical at the expense of the intuitive and the feeling.

When we do this, we begin to look outside of ourselves for validation and proof, while completely disconnecting from our own inner guidance system. As we do this, we eventually place authority and responsibility outside of ourselves.

The mind itself is not the problem. It becomes a problem when the mind it is not driven by conscious awareness. For the mind, everything is a means to an end and it doesn’t hesitate to use others to achieve its goals. It knows no empathy or what we call love. So, what is its goal? What is it trying to do? It wants to expand, to be more of everything, to grow infinitely and ultimately, to make itself immortal.

This is why throughout eons kings have sought to occupied more and more land, why corporations want more and more economic growth. This is people with many possessions and achievements want to pass on their legacy to their offspring. It’s an attempt to become immortal.

What the mind consciousness doesn’t see is that it already is eternal, because it is not connected to anything outside of itself. Deep inside, the heart already knows this. The mind consciousness does not want integration and oneness because it perceives it as a dissolving, a death, a ceasing to exist.

This same consciousness is what created factory farming, is destroying the amazons, that created holocaust, and now this lock down disaster. NOT because it wants to cause suffering, but because it has a goal and it wants to reach it with efficiency.

What controls the world? (A spiritual perspective)
We can only have factory farms, because we are utterly disconnected from other life forms. There is no such thing as humane slaughter, just as there is no such thing as humane rape, humane slavery or human murder.

Hitler used gas chambers because it was the most efficient and humane way to kill people, or to weed out the unwanted genes. He saw himself as the best thing that had ever happened to humanity.

This consciousness has no connection to others, let alone other life forms. It perceives itself as totally separate from everyone and everything. It literally cannot feel the other and therefore relate to their suffering in any way.

To anybody living from the heart this is terrifying. It is absolutely terrifying for children who are very much living in their heart center, to come into a world that operates from this kind of robotic consciousness, that cannot and will not see them or feel them. After all, most adults are operating from that type of consciousness to varying degrees.

What controls the world? (A spiritual perspective)
All children are naturally connected to their heart space and intuition, until they get trained to identify with the mind.

So in the world right now, with everything that is taking place on a global scale, you are dealing with a robotic consciousness that sees you as cattle, and it will do to you whatever suits its motives, and that might or might not involve your suffering. It has no emotional reaction to seeing suffering. Everything is ones and zeros. And it knows no ethics, and is ready to lie and misrepresent information to get you to act in a wanted way.

The devil lies they say. Indeed, some religions have referred to this type of consciousness as the lucifer.

The mind is not evil

My intention is not to freak you out, but to inform you so that you know what you are dealing with and can respond appropriately. It’s important to understand that this consciousness is not evil in the sense that it’s goal is not to cause suffering. Demonizing it would simply cause further polarization in the universe, which is the opposite of oneness and integration.

That’s why it is important to understand things from its perspective. Things are not black and white, it’s not either or. We all have both the heart based as well as the luciferian consciousness within ourselves. The only thing that varies, is to what degree we are unconsciously run by it.

This is not the time to be naive (all love and light). This is the time to be well informed, vigilant and prepared.

How to regain your power and sovereignty?

There are 3 things that I see that each and every one of us needs to do right now with urgency if we want to create a world that is based on love rather than fear. Here’s what you can do:

1) Connect to your heart and intuition. Connect to your intuition, to that place of inner knowing within yourself that whispers to you what is in alignment and what is not, what is right for you, regardless of what the logical answer might be. Learn to distinguish what feels good and what doesn’t. This means, connect to your emotions and actually listen to them.

Your emotions are your internal guidance system that signal to you when something in the external or in your own attitudes and beliefs needs to change (negative emotions), and when something is in alignment for your highest well-being and growth (positive emotions).

This is the very fist step to take to regain your power as the creator of your reality.

What controls the world? (A spiritual perspective)

2) Recognize the luciferian consciousness within yourself. The more we push something away within ourselves, the more it will appear in our external reality. We need to see how we are participating in creating and fueling separation with our own actions and we need to start taking responsibility of what we create in the world. Because we are all co-creators of this grand movie, and if we are not conscious of our creation, we can cook up a hell of a sh*t storm.

We are calling you to be super honest with yourself here. Are you still apathetic about slaughter houses and continue eating meat even tho you know how horrible it is, because it’s convenient? Are you or your employer seeking growth for your business at the expense of natural resources? Are you using others to get what you want and afterwards completely lose interest in them? Are you really, truly standing up for your values in all areas of your life?

In order to integrate this aspect of ourselves, we need to see how this type of consciousness could be beneficial, instead of seeing it as evil. Well, it’s very goal oriented, it’s able solve problems and come up with solutions, it is clever and strategical, it’s always planning and thus ahead of the game. It’s like having a super computer as part of ourselves! And most of all, it’s a great driver or growth and expansion. Whenever you want to integrate something, first understand why it does what it does, and then see in what way it could contribute positively to your life.

3. Own your free will. For the mind consciousness to thrive, it relies on you not owning your free will. It benefits from you thinking that you have no choice and thus wanting someone else to have control, to tell you how to live your life.

So the third important step is to own your free will and step into your power as a creator, as God consciousness. Free will, of course, is inseparable from responsibility. So we are calling on you to take responsibility of the reality you are creating for yourself and those around you, and to take ownership of your own experiences. It is recognizing that you always have choice and that you have created everything in your reality, whether consciously or not. So owning your free will is to become conscious of the fact that you ALWAYS have a choice, and to choose mindfully.

This involves stating your boundary, claiming your sovereignty, standing up for your values, protecting yourself and your loved ones, because this what feels self loving.

It is possible to say to the mind consciousness: “I understand why you are doing this and I see that you are a part of me, but what you are doing is harming me and other parts of me (other people) and I will set a boundary. You may not pass.” This is not fueling separation, this is you reclaiming your role as the creator of this reality.

What controls the world? (A spiritual perspective)
Owning your free will is the only way to truly take your power back.

They say the devil only fears God. So if you are in your God consciousness, it can have no power over you, because it IS you, and you are embracing it. Running from your shadow will only make the shadow grow, turning it into a hideous monster that will swallow you the moment you stop running. So I invite you to slow down and turn around, towards this beast inside of you.

When you do this, you begin to integrate your shadow. And eventually, instead of the mind, the snake, or the Lucifer being the master, it becomes the servant. Let your conscious awareness be the master of your life and your experience.

After all, from the universes perspective, this is the ultimate purpose of the luciferian consciousness: To chase you back into your Godhood.

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